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Let’s Take A Quick Tutorial On How To Start Earning, And Cash Out With PillowBux, Follow Steps Below:

How To Start?

Firstly, you need to have a PillowBux account which can be opened for free here, once you have registered your account, after registering, you can simply log into your account using your Email/Username and password, all these sign up and sign in options can be found on the member’s area.

Micro-Wallet Account

PillowBux requires you to have a Cryptoo.me micro wallet which will be used to store your earnings temporarily before you reach minimum withdrawal which is 100k satoshi ($10) for Bitcoin and 50k satoshi ($5) for PayPal, you will find a button to Register/Log into your Cryptoo.me accont on your PillowBux’s dashboard.

100 Free Satoshi To New Cryptoo.Me Users.

As a consolidation fee, we are also going to add free 100 satoshi to your cryptoo.me account right after you create a new micro-wallet account.

Earning On BillowBux

There are 5 type of tasks you can do to earn fast on PillowBux, all this tasks and offers can be accessed on your PillowBux dashboard, you will always need your cryptoo.me generated wallet address when claiming rewards on PillowBux so that earnings will be instantly deposited into your main balance.

  • Captchas: Here you can earn by just solving captchas, you are given one chance to solve a captcha in 10 minutes and each captcha will pay you 10-500 satoshi.
  • Visit Post: When you click to visit posts, you will be re-directed to a site which have got a “Reward’ icon on the top right of your screen, the marker will indicate how much posts/articles you must view before getting paid, once done, it will ask you to put your Cryptoo.me address to claim reward.
  • Surfing Advertisements: There will always be ads showing around the PillowBux platform, clicking ads will increase your earning rate by up to 65%!
  • Playing Poker: You can also choose to play a live poker game that will reward you free satoshis when you win, you must always use your cryptoo.me wallet when claiming rewards on the Poker game.
  • Referral Program: Do you love earning while doing nothing? PillowBux will pay you 30% of your referral’s rewards LIFETIME, on the dashboard you can access referral system by generating your own unique link to share using your Cryptoo.me wallet address or email, everytime someone signs up using your link, you will get 300 satoshis, if they just click your link, you get 5 satoshis, if they start claiming rewards, you get 30% of what they earn For Life!

How To Withdraw/Redeem To Wallet?

PayPal Withdrawal

Minimum payout for PayPal is 50k satoshi which is equivalent to $1, when you reach 10k satoshi or 0.0001 BTC on your Cryptoo.me wallet, you can redeem redeem your fund by sending an Email to Support@Usa360.club, we will convert your requested amount of satoshi to USA and send it via PayPal, you can also redeem PayPal rewards by contacting us, you must send us your PayPal Email & Cryptoo.Me wallet address.

Bitcoin Withdrawal

Minimum payout for Bitcoin or BTC is 100k satoshi or 0.001 BTC, once reaching 100k satoshi or more on your account, you can withdraw directly from your Cryptoo.me wallet using your real BTC wallet address without having to contact support.

Need A Hand?

YouTubers Promo!

If your channel have more than 100 subscribers, you can make a video and show people how to Earn on PillowBux, Sign Up, Sign In, Complete Captchas, Play Game, View Articles, Visit Ads, Refer People and more, once your video reaches 100 view, you can send your video link to: support@usa360.club as well as your Cryptoo.me wallet address, we will add 1k satoshi per video and also send free 500 views to each video made, you must add your PillowBux referral link on video description.

Happy Free Earning Folks!